What really makes the talent of an artist outstanding is when his euvres are recognized immediately. Just take any major exhibition of modern art and take away all the names plates - no way to say whose brush created it. Modern civilization exploits the inspiration foe mass production, and for long enough time too. But fortunately, there are some outstanding exceptions. One can easily recognize the Master, his attitudes and manner with no mistake. Such is Sergei Kuznetsov.        

Just like an outstanding artist should he cannont think of his work beyond the national tradition. His approach stems out form the ideals and ideas of Nikolay Rerich. The whole of Rerikhs philosphy of '' Live Ethics'' bases upon adoration of the earthly and heavenly beauty, upon the idea that the Universe is a leaving being blessed with the Spirit, that the material and spiritual are inseparable in it once thay are kept on by the eternal and inxpiable energy - The Blood Of Space. And only the few Selected feel these life creating currents of the Universe and reflect them in viewable images. The everlasting battle of the Good and Evil, Light and Darktness, Beauteous and Ugly is on.

The Army of the Righteous is in defense of blank-the Earth's forests are cut down ,seas and rivers are poisoned ,the cars armada is destroying the atmosphere. Are yet the Molech of technocracy can not howl down the protesting voice of the few prophets that keep on trying to bring the lost human race to reason; whither goest thou ? Think! Stop that mad leap! Do not kill the Beauty- it is the Life Foundation ,the Ugly is the Foundation of Spiritual Death. The Artist Sergei Kuznetsov is among the few prophets that create and guard the Beauty.                                                                                     



                         The  Pushkin Prize laureate 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Yuriy Medvedev